Events & Leagues for Adults

We offer a homey play space for both game lovers & new players. Check out our regularly scheduled events, leagues and tournament play, weeknights and all weekend long.

Every day of the week we have games, meet-ups and Walk-In Play using our extensive library. We can teach you a new game, host you and your friends for a regular game night, provide a fun place for date night, help you meet up with like-minded players and generally immerse yourself in strategic game play at every level and interest.

Magic The Gathering

At The Brooklyn Strategist, you can meet up with other players, play, trade, and hangout. We have lots of different opportunities to play Magic including drafts, Legacy Pauper, Modern and EDH. Check out our schedule for full details and visit us on our Facebook page (MTG at The Brooklyn Strategist). Join our community on Facebook.



Meet fellow wargamers at The Brooklyn Strategist - you can play, paint, build models and hang out. We sell and play the following games: Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop Specialist Games, Warmachine and Hordes, Infinity, Malifaux, Star Wars X-Wing and Armada, Flames of War and Bolt Action. Join our community on Facebook.


RPG (Role Playing Games)

Embark on epic adventures through worlds of sword and sorcery, urban tech, thrilling dystopias, horrific histories and more! Roleplaying games (RPGs) are a collaborative storytelling experience that put you at the center of the action. Adventure awaits at the limit of your imagination and the roll of the dice! 

Want to know how to grab a seat at the table? The Brooklyn Strategist offers multiple ways to play! 


LCG (Living Card Games)

Tired of trading card games' business model, but love the rules and the competition? Try a Living Card Game, where all cards are easily accessible and affordable but the competitive scene is just as vibrant. Bring by your own Doomtown, Netrunner, or Game of Thrones deck, or learn from one of our many store LCGs.


Game Nights

Come play games with us! Have a favorite or want to learn a new game? We host Scrabble, Chess, Strat-o-matic and more. We are happy to add more meet ups or regular games at customers’ requests. On Tuesday and Saturday nights, we have something we like to call Playing Games with Strangers where you can learn a new tabletop game but do not need to come in with friends to play... you will make new friends, with strangers!


Chess & Chill

Our friendly and relaxed weekly drop-in chess event for players of all skill levels.  Tyler will teach a 'micro-lesson' each week to help players increase their skills and understanding of the game.  Join us for some chess, music and fun!


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